Structured IT support

with Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management enables Stämpfli AG to categorize and prioritize IT support tickets. This enables service level agreements to be fulfilled and customers to be served optimally.



The IT department of Stämpfli AG was looking for an efficient helpdesk platform where customers could submit and track IT support requests. Previously, IT support was contacted by phone or e-mail. The company had trouble compiling the requests and answering them in a timely manner. Therefore, Stämpfli needed a ticket management platform that would enable the following:

  • Customers can create and track their support requests on a dedicated helpdesk platform.
  • The company can better respond to customers' individual service level agreements and react accordingly.
  • The time spent on each support ticket is measurable, which facilitates invoicing.


As the company was already using Confluence and Jira software for development projects, the integration of Jira Service Management as a ticket management platform was an obvious choice. bitvoodoo installed and implemented Jira Service Desk (JSD) and focused on the incident management process. Since Stämpfli offers different support services, customers can each submit a specific ticket. Other installed features include:

  • Setting up and managing different service level agreements (SLAs) for different clients. These agreements require different response times and different prioritization per customer.
  • Creating a new linked issue in Jira Software for Development Projects from an incident reported in JSD and continuously synchronising the work progress in both tickets, including comments. This means that all parties involved are always up to date on the support progress. Thus, a change in the status of a JSD ticket causes an automatic change in the status of the Jira software issue and vice versa. This was achieved with the Elements Copy and Sync application.

Stämpfli is now able to categorize and prioritize support tickets. This allows them to better serve their clients and continuously meet their service level agreements.

Key benefits to the customer

  • Structured recording and management of all IT support requests.
  • The ability to categorize and prioritize IT support tickets to ensure high quality service and quick responses.
  • A structured and synchronised workflow across different software support platforms for better progress reporting.
  • Improved response to prioritized support tickets as defined in the service level agreement, leading to higher customer satisfaction. The SLAs are used extensively and enable Stämpfli to commit to the quality and responsiveness of the support team to customers.
  • More accurate invoicing thanks to reliable time recording.

The company-wide introduction has taken place and in the very first week we were able to process over 100 tickets productively. The transition was smooth and worked very well. Everyone on the customer side and in the team is satisfied. Thanks to bitvoodoo for the professional and competent support, I can recommend working with you to everyone.

Sämi Jaberg, Head of IT Services


About our customer

The Stämpfli Group Ltd - led by the sixth generation in Dr Rudolf Stämpfli and Peter Stämpfli - offers comprehensive services in corporate and business communications. In Berne and Zurich, everything revolves around integrated communication of print and electronic media.

Implemented applications: 
Jira Service Management | Jira Misc Workflow Extension for Jira | Elements Copy and Sync

251 - 500 employees


Communication & Marketing, Public Relations

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