Structured processing
of tickets instead of a flood of mails.

The new IT services management solution helps Stobag AG get back to a functioning IT support desk with optimised workflows.



Stobag AG had an implemented help desk solution, but was becoming more and more disillusioned by the functionality. Employees could use it to report incidents and request procurements, but as this solution couldn't keep up with requirements, an undesirable behaviour started creeping in among the employees: they started to report their concerns to the IT department by email. This led to the service agents losing track of things - tasks being lost or requests being left unanswered. Since it is important for Stobag to act in a needs-oriented manner, not only for its customers but also for its employees, the solution became evident: don't try and change the behaviour of the employees with cumbersome measures, but rather return to the original requirement for incident management and procurement orders with a simpler, more intuitive service desk. As additional investment was needed to continue with the existing service desk anyway, it was the right time to look for a new solution.


The software team of the Aargau-based company was already familiar with Jira software from Atlassian. The decision to use Jira Service Management Cloud as the IT service management solution was therefore an obvious one. bitvoodoo supported the Stobag AG project team during the implementation and, as an expert, was able to provide one or two tips along the way. The web-based ITSM solution in the Atlassian Cloud was ready for use within a few weeks and has the great advantage that neither a time-consuming server installation was necessary nor maintenance tasks or time-consuming updates will be required. bitvoodoo helped Stobag AG to define the incident and procurement process with internal workflows so that the processing status of all requests can be viewed and tracked at any time. The requests can be entered as different types and, at the customer's request, a function for assigning requests to categories was also integrated. The status of open enquiries can be viewed by all agents at any time on a clear dashboard, and comprehensive reports on the enquiries can be easily created with just a few clicks. Due to the multilingualism, the new help desk is much more user-friendly, especially for non-German speaking employees. The newly implemented ITSM solution is therefore a benefit both for the IT team as support agents and for the employees as users.

Key benefits to the customer

  • Return to a functioning IT support desk with optimised workflows.
  • Timely project implementation: Start-up of the help desk after only three months (and due to the pandemic, the entire project was carried out remotely from start to finish).
  • All Stobag employees can submit requests via e-mail or website.
  • The tickets are handled by 15 agents.
  • Outlook: Expansion of the support desk for customers as incident reporters.

About our customer

Whether balcony or terrace, conservatory or façade - as a leading Swiss manufacturer, Stobag AG offers a wide range of individual shading systems for all requirements. Since 1964, Stobag AG has been developing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality sun and weather protection solutions that offer maximum functionality, comfort and quality of life in harmony with the building and its surroundings. Today, the family-owned company based in Muri, Aargau, employs around 750 people and operates branches in Germany, Austria, Brazil, North America and the Benelux countries.

Implemented application:
Jira Service Management Cloud

750 employees

Muri AG


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