Cloud migration

for Atlassian applications

Are you keen to reduce hardware costs, and outsource the hassle of maintaining and updating your Atlassian instances? We'll show you how to migrate from your server or Data Center to the Atlassian Cloud.

Server End of Life

As of February 2024, support for all Atlassian server products will be discontinued. We look in our blog at alternative options available to Atlassian Server customers for their Atlassian Server products.


More reasons for cloud migration

In addition to the fact that server licenses can no longer be purchased and support will soon expire, there are other reasons for an early switch to the Atlassian Cloud. With a Cloud solution, you have automatic access to the latest features, and you can save money by adjusting the number of actual users on your license at any time.

Concentrate on your core business

Cloud solutions are quick to set up and easy to operate. Rather invest your time and resources into your core business without worrying about hosting.

Scale faster and more cost-effectively in the Cloud

Atlassian Cloud always offers you the right solution, whether for small teams or large enterprises. You only pay for the actual number of users.

Latest functions are available immediately

Atlassian is continuously developing the products in the Cloud. As a Cloud user, you are the first to benefit from new functions. With no time-consuming upgrades, the features are automatically available to you.

Data protection & data security

The Atlassian Cloud follows strict procedures to protect your data. Certifications such as ISO27001, ISO27018, SOC2 Type II and CSA STAR demonstrate compliance with important standards. And of course, Atlassian Cloud products can be operated in a DSGVO-compliant manner.

Your journey to the Cloud

We'll support you as a partner with many years of expertise. First, we analyze the current state of your onsite installation and discuss the necessary migration steps with you. We then draw up an implementation plan and carry out the migration step by step. While doing this, we ensure that your teams can continue to work seamlessly.

1 Assess

Are you ready for a migration to the cloud? bitvoodoo makes an in-depth analysis of the existing instance, the applications used and the architecture currently in use.

  • Which products are available?
  • Are functionalities missing?
  • Are there other tools possibly interfering?

2 Plan

Together we plan the migration process, involving all relevant participants. 

  • Project planning
  • Involvement of all stakeholders

3 Preparation

This is followed by the technical setup of the Cloud instance and the preparation of the new system.

4 Test

With a test migration, we check and compare the functionalities between the server or Data Center and the Cloud. The involvement of power users is crucial here. 

  • Test migration
  • Validation of the data and configuration
  • Documentation

5 Migrate

Test migration successful? We then carry out the operational migration at a mutually defined time, and conclude this technical process with a final test. 

  • Operational migration
  • Business acceptance test

6 Launch

Cloud instances can differ visually and functionally from previous server or Data Center installations. It is therefore very important that all users are made aware of the new system and all innovations. 

  • Communication measures
  • Adaptation of organizational processes
  • Training on new functionalities

Since the architecture of every system and organization is unique, every migration process is individual. The preliminary analysis shows whether a migration can be carried out with just a few, mostly automated, steps or whether manual intervention is necessary for a successful migration. Our experience from past migrations coupled with our partners in the Atlassian network benefit us here.

Not ready for the Atlassian Cloud?

No problem. We'll help you to keep your servers and Data Center instances running as easily as possible, for example on AWS or Azure Cloud.


It's all a myth

We dispel misconceptions and myths - from security to performance - about cloud migration. So you can make the best decision for your business with the right information.

The small difference

The most important differences between Atlassian Cloud and Server compactly summarized for you.


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