Optimization of support services, thanks to Jira Service Management

Combining two help desk ticketing systems of the NZZ Media Group in one application - Jira Service Management. This has significantly reduced the response time to support requests.



Merging two existing different helpdesk solutions to simplify the processing of support tickets.


The NZZ Media Group worked with two different helpdesk solutions, which led to constant confusion among support staff. The general dissatisfaction was evident in all phases of support ticket processing, from opening to closing. The complex IT systems required for this extensive media production lead to numerous support requests every day. bitvoodoo focused on consolidating the two existing helpdesk solutions, with the aim of simplifying the IT support processes and speeding up the response time to service requests. For this purpose, bitvoodoo developed a simple, attractive portal with Jira Service Management that allows easier access to support, and consolidated the design for different request types. The new system facilitates the work of the support staff enormously and increases their productivity. The implementation of Jira Service Management has improved the professional workflow management of support requests. Now, the optimized support process meets the qualified operating standards of a leading national newspaper.

Key benefits to the customer

  • The helpdesk ticketing systems have been merged into one application, resulting in faster response times to support requests and improving usability.
  • Integrated knowledge database with many entries to facilitate self-help.
  • Better search and filter functions to find tickets.
  • Customer e-mails are automatically converted into customer enquiries.
  • The responsible member of the support team will be notified by e-mail as soon as the ticket has been assigned.
  • Recorded cases and changes made can now be tracked in the system.

About our customer

The NZZ is a Swiss daily newspaper that enjoys a good reputation as a reliable source of news.

Implemented application:
Jira Service Management

500 - 1'000 employees



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