Bitbucket enables professional Git repository management with collaborative version management - simple and innovative.


Versatile teamwork in coding

Git is known for its reliability, its flexibility and its wide range of applications. However, Git is not easy to use. Bitbucket from Atlassian provides a solution and makes it easier.

Bitbucket allows you to create and manage Git repositories, set access rights and work together on code - securely, quickly and reliably.

Functions of Bitbucket

  • Collaborate when coding - safely and quickly at enterprise level
  • Team discussions directly in the source code via inline comments
  • Forking and branching workflows
  • Finely graded authorizations, two-factor authentication
  • Create, test and deploy pipelines (Cloud version only) and deployments with integrated CI/CD
  • Connecting Jira Software and Bitbucket automatically keeps teams up to date on code changes

Manage coding projects seamlessly

Bitbucket offers programming teams a platform for planning, collaborating, testing and releasing. The tool shows its maximum potential when integrated with other Atlassian products.

Integration with Jira

Through the possibility of linking to Jira, Bitbucket enables integrated project management. Although there is also an integration for Github, the interaction between Bitbucket and Jira offers much more:

  • Automatic linking of commits
  • Create branches directly from Jira processes
  • Interact with Jira tasks from within Bitbucket (comment, edit, upload attachments, change status)
  • Branches and pull requests with Jira tickets via task keys in commit messages

Integration with Bamboo

What the native pipeline is for Bitbucket Cloud, the deep integration with Atlassian's Integration Server is for Bitbucket Data Center. The interaction enables systematic release management and comprehensive visibility of build status information in Bitbucket.

Customizable workflows for pull requests

Bitbucket offers five different merge strategies and also allows you to set individual merge conditions and define standard reviewers.

Extensive expandability

There are many apps for Bitbucket on the Atlassian Marketplace. These apps can be used to cover numerous advanced use cases and requirements.



Data center

You can get Bitbucket from us for as little as CHF 2.30 per user per month (prices as of 01.02.2022).

Get your Atlassian license through bitvoodoo and benefit from the best prices, free support and attractive project credits.

Annual subscriptions offer price benefits, depending on the number of user licenses purchased. Contact us for a price comparison!



CHF 2.30 - 2.80

per user per month, including:

2'500 Build Min./month

5 GB Git large file storage


CHF 4.60 - 5.50

per user per month, including:

3'500 Build Min./month

10 GB Git large file storage

Two-factor authentication

Mandatory merge checks

Data Center

License on self-managed infrastructure

On-premise or PaaS hosting starting at CHF 2'100.-

for 25 users per year, including:

Active clustering for high availability

SAML 2.0 Connect support

Complete control over data management, security and compliance

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