Modern intranet solution
with Confluence and Linchpin Suite

Bethesda Hospital uses Confluence and the Linchpin Suite as a modern intranet solution to increase engagement among its 700 employees.



Bethesda Spital AG is a busy private hospital in Basel, with over 700 employees. Previously using a Sharepoint-based intranet, the staff were not engaging with the platform as there were very few social features that captured the interest of the employees. It was more a directory of links to information pages than a real intranet, and important news features were often missed by the staff as they were hard to find or drowned out by less relevent information. The hospital was looking for a new intranet platform which invites collaboration between the multi-disciplinary healthcare specialists and social interaction between staff members, and where information can be grouped into categories, making it easy for employees to find and engage with the information.


Bethesda Hospital contacted bitvoodoo who suggested implementing a social intranet using Atlassian's Confluence platform, with the Linchpin Suite. Linchpin provides a modern and flexible social intranet solution, which brings together the needs of employees and teams with management objectives. By using Confluence as the technical foundation in combination with Linchpin extensions, bitvoodoo could customize the intranet design to match Bethesda's corporate identity. bitvoodoo could also then personalize the pages as required by the hospital, including personalized news for staff departments, creating spaces for information sharing and collaboration, and developing workflows with management approvals for certain pages and spaces. Special features included a Linchpin mobile application, and a content lifecycle workflow.

Key benefits to the customer

  • The new fully personalized communication hub meets the requirements of a classic intranet for Bethesda Hospital, who appreciated the customized design that fits their corporate identity and strengthens employee commitment.
  • Staff are kept up to date on current news and events at the hospital, via the intranet. Staff engagement with the platform increased as information is well-structured, easy to find, and personalized for the users, making it more relevant and engaging.
  • The Linchpin mobile app, which is part of the Linchpin Suite, also increased staff engagement with the intranet as many employees at Bethesda Hospital do not have regular access to a desktop computer and could then use mobile phones to access the intranet.
  • Information provided to employees is regularly refreshed by the implementation of intranet content lifecycle workflows and approval processes using the Comala Document Management add-on.

About our customer

The Bethesda Hospital in Basel is a renowned private hospital with two core competencies: Centre for Women & Birth, and Musculoskeletal System & Rehabilitation. The experts work together in an interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

Implemented application:
Confluence | Linchpin Suite | Comala Document Management

700 employees



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