Digitalization of the Swiss Justice System with Confluence

The Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (CCJPD) uses Confluence as a collaborative work platform to advance the digitalization of the Swiss legal system with the Justitia 4.0 project.


The CCJPD (Conference of Cantonal Judiciary and Police Directors) is launching the digital transformation of the Swiss legal system, which aims to be paperless by 2026. The CCJPD intends that the legal online platform will be used by all parties involved in criminal, civil and administrative court proceedings, in a secure digital environment. In order to manage this project and to coordinate the communication between the large number of people involved, the CCJPD was looking for a solution that would enable simple and effective exchange of information. Specifications were that the solution needed to be one central source of information where many people can collaborate digitally, the platform must be user-friendly, an efficient search engine should be included, and the system should be set up quickly.


bitvoodoo won over the CCJPD project team by detailing the advantages of the collaborative platform Confluence by Atlassian, and successfully implemented the system. The CCJPD is using Confluence to manage the digital transformation initiative named Justitia 4.0 - creating digital records of all the criminal, civil and administrative legal proceedings, by 2026. During the course of this digitization, paper files will be replaced by electronic dossiers, optimizing the working environment and infrastructure in the judiciary. Confluence provides the digital workplace where all parties involved in the judiciary at cantonal and federal level will be able to exchange data electronically with ±300 courts, the public prosecutor's office, and the police department, via a highly secure central portal. All the information will be kept in one place, and the content will be easy to find and use.

Key benefits to the customer

  • Confluence is a user-friendly platform; lowering the onboarding effort of new users is important when so many different people and entities are using the same system.
  • All information from multiple sources is collated in one place, ensuring up-to-date information and documents are always available.
  • The included search engine is efficient, and saves time for users
  • Rapid implementation of the platform

About our customer

The Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (CCJPD) ensures the coordination of cooperation among the cantons and with the Confederation in the areas of police, justice, law enforcement and migration at the political level. All cantonal councillors responsible for security, police and justice belong to the CCJPD. Among other things, the CCJPD has the task of digitizing the Swiss justice system by 2026.

Implemented application:
Scroll PDF Exporter | Team Calendar | Numbered Headings | Secure Login

Councillors from all 26 cantons


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