Knowledge Management System enables easy access to information

PostFinance AG improves access to internal information with a knowledge platform based on Confluence for faster and more accurate results.



PostFinance AG is one of the largest financial institutions in Switzerland and the number one in Swiss payment transactions. Employees are in constant contact with private and corporate customers and need easy and fast access to customer information at all times. In the past, PostFinance stored thousands of pieces of information on different platforms and with different technologies. The information was difficult to find and even more difficult to keep up to date. A professional information management system was needed.


The enterprise knowledge management solution Confluence from Atlassian was chosen as the new platform because it had already proven itself in other areas of PostFinance. Confluence fulfilled all the basic requirements to easily capture and manage information on the one hand and to quickly make this information available to all employees on the other.

The design was adapted with the bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme. In addition, the information was provided with predefined metadata records via the Metadata app. This application enables categorizing the information in Confluence in detail, which facilitates the search query and leads to accurate and precise search results. The installation of Advanced Search, an extension developed by bitvoodoo, further enhanced the search function. This search interface allows users to design individual search masks. Depending on the target group, a search mask can contain predefined, different filter settings.

More than 2,500 Confluence content pages in three languages, 15 topic categories and six document types were organized with the Metadata app and provided with target group-specific dashboards using the Enterprise Theme.

Key benefits to the customer

  • The content is stored centrally and in a structured way so that employees can find the information they need as quickly as possible.
  • Documents are easy to edit and have a feedback option.
  • By adapting the design of the Confluence platform and creating an attractive user interface in line with PostFinance's corporate identity, employees are motivated to use the new platform and quickly integrate it into their daily processes.
  • The search function is very effective and the results are accurate due to detailed tagging, categorisation and structuring.
  • Faster response times for PostFinance customers: PostFinance service centre staff can access information more quickly and easily thanks to the improved search function.

About our customer

PostFinance is a subsidiary of Swiss Post, which is active in the private and business customer sector and, as such, is one of the largest Swiss financial institutions. The focus of PostFinance's activities is on national and international payment transactions.

Implemented application:
Confluence | Social Intranet with bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme | Metadata App | Advanced Search

3'000+ employees



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