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Jira Service Management

The introduction of Jira Service Management at Leuchter IT Solutions led to modernizing their IT services offering. This solution, in conjunction with the customized development needed to connect the CRM and service recordings, enabled the service processes to be standardized and efficiency to be increased.


Leuchter IT Solutions needed a more modern and flexible IT service management tool that would enable efficient processing and management of customer inquiries. Integration into their existing systems, such as the CRM, was important in order to ensure a seamless data connection and an automated flow of information. In addition, service recording was to be integrated directly into the ITSM tool to enable accurate, automated billing.


Working closely with bitvoodoo, Jira Service Management Cloud was implemented to centralizemanaging customer service requests, incidents, and changes. A customized service desk was set up with the following features:

  • Integration with the CRM Microsoft Dataverse: Information about customers, SLA contracts and ongoing projects was integrated directly into tickets for quick contextualization and better response to requests.
  • Simplified time recording: The working time spent on processing a ticket can be recorded and assigned directly to the corresponding customer projects. This simplifies invoicing and increases transparency for the customer.
  • Customized workflow: Together with bitvoodoo, a customized workflow was developed,tailored to the specific needs and processes of Leuchter IT Solutions.
  • Automatic escalation: Unprocessed tickets are automatically escalated if the due date ispassed and there is no recorded feedback to the customer.

  • Modern platform for a central overview of tickets and service requests
  • Categorizing and prioritizing IT support tickets to ensure high service quality and fastresponses
  • Structured recording and management of all IT support requests
  • Improved search and filter functions for finding tickets
  • Customer emails are automatically converted into customer support requests

Introducing Jira Service Management Cloud together with Confluence was a milestone for thecontinuous improvement of our company. The customized development of the CRM connectionand service recording abilities by bitvoodoo were characterized by a high level of expertise anda goal-oriented approach. Thanks to the seamless integration into our existing systems, we cannow offer our customers a faster and more transparent service.

Felix Rohrer, Head of IT Operations at Leuchter IT Solutions

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