Project Management Revolution

with Jira Software

Implementing Jira software led to a veritable project management revolution at the Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank. Efficient and digital approaches replaced traditional and manual methods. Agile project methodologies are now rooted in the company. 

The challenge:

BCN faced the challenge of digitizing and modernizing all work processes and project management systems. They wanted to move away from Excel spreadsheets and Word documents towards an integrated digital solution that was intuitive, easily accessible, and still met the banking industry's necessary security standards. Such a change requires not only the necessary software and technology but also an entire cultural change to ensure that the new tools are accepted and used efficiently.

The solution

bitvoodoo modernized BCN’s project management methods by implementing Jira software and conducting special employee training. Jira Software thus also became the heart of their project management system. Word documents and Excel spreadsheets had to make way for digitalized, automated and standardized project processes. Employee training ensured that all solutions were intuitive and accepted within the company. Workflows were adapted to BCN's needs, and all areas of project management were modernized using various extensions:

  • "Plan" makes it easier for BCN to plan its projects using Gantt charts
  • "Tempo Planner" is used by BCN for resource management so that resources can be planned and allocated more efficiently and stay in line with individual capabilities.
  • “Custom Charts" allows user-defined diagrams and dashboards to be created and decisions to be made in an agile manner based on real-time data
  • Requirement forms and project proposals have been automated and integrated into Jira Software
  • All common bank security standards have been taken into account and adhered to

  • Agile project management methodology for more efficient, automated, digitized and standardized workflows
  • Better planning of financial, individual and time resources
  • Enabling data-based decisions thanks to detailed reports and user-defined dashboards
  • Trained employees to anchor agile project management in the company


Max Mustermann, Projektverantwortlicher

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About our customer

The Neuchâtel Cantonal Bank (BCN) offers a range of financial services for private individuals, companies and institutions. BCN is a public-law institution and one of the 24 members of the Union of Swiss Cantonal Banks. 

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