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Anything not covered by Atlassian standard solutions, we program ourselves.

bitvoodoo also develops its own apps, most of which are available as free downloads. All apps can be integrated into the Atlassian environment with a single mouse click. They are available via Atlassian's Marketplace and are described in detail in our product documentation.


Templates for Blog Posts

With the «Templates for Blog Posts» app you can finally use Confluence templates for blogs! This makes creating a blog post as easy as never. Very suitable for recurring blog posts like team meetings, scrum meetings, reviews and more. Ensure that the design is preserved by creating central blog templates.

Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence

Gain valuable insight into who is visiting your Confluence pages. The Viewtracker app provides more information than just counting page hits. It provides important user behaviour details, of who has seen which Confluence pages, and how often the page has been visited. By knowing which pages attract the most attention, users can better focus their writing and page content to meet the interests of colleagues.

Navitabs App for Confluence

An easy way to improve navigation between Confluence pages - create tabs to group content. Use Navitabs to set up your own tab navigation function. Whether horizontal, vertical or grouped, everything appears in the selected user interface design and can be integrated seamlessly into the Confluence UI.

Content Scheduler app for Confluence

The Content Scheduler app gives you the freedom to prepare a Confluence blog post in advance and set the publishing date and time. Prepared posts can be edited and rescheduled, giving you maximum flexibility. This app frees you up from the worry of getting that blog post published on time!

Homepage Redirect App for Confluence

This app solves the Confluence issue of only providing one global homepage. With the Homepage Redirect app, administrators can assign unique homepages to several user groups. This includes groups of internal users as well as external users such as clients. As soon as a user accesses Confluence, they are redirected to their specified homepage, according to their defined user group.

Language App for Confluence

Companies operating internationally often require multi-lingual content in Confluence. The language app lets you publish identical content in a range of languages on the same Confluence pages. The magic lies in the fact that the user sees the content only in the language requested in his personal settings.

Advanced Panelbox App for Confluence

Advanced Panelbox help you to make your Confluence pages clearer and more attractive. Selecting the pre-defined boxes allows you to highlight features in the text or separate and highlight the same features in a separate box. And, of course, all looking great in your own corporate identity!

Congrats app for Confluence

The Congrats app lets you celebrate a variety of occasions with your team members, friends and work colleagues. Users can send wishes and a personal note for birthdays, work anniversaries and more.

SBB Widgets for Confluence

The SBB app gives Confluence users a way to view train timetable information from within Confluence. This app was developed for Confluence users living and working in Switzerland. It displays up-to-date train timetable information by connecting to the API of the Swiss Federal Railways.

Custom Field Option Synchroniser for JIRA

The Content Field Option Synchroniser decreases time spent on manual data management of multi-value custom fields (e.g. dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.) by automatically keeping your selected custom fields synchronised with your external databases. Instead of introducing new custom field types, this app uses Jira's built-in multi-value custom fields, which can be displayed in all issue screens no matter whether in Jira, Jira Service Desk, Jira Issue Collector, or Confluence 'Create Issue' dialogue, etc. Synchronisation is easy to set up and can be scheduled per custom field using Cron expressions.

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