Atlassian HipChat Server

Instant Messaging and Group Chat for Businesses

What is Hipchat?

Team chats and instant messaging behind the firewall: HipChat Server by Atlassian is the right installed solution for enterprises that choose to host their own secure applications.

Improve communication in real-time, be it in a team or between individual group members. What distinguishes HipChat Server from Skype and similar is the wide selection of integrated features that includes drag and drop file sharing, video chats, screen sharing and the fully searchable history of text, links, files, and more. And with the wide range of emoticons, you can even give your messages a personal touch.

(Alternatively, for HipChat as a cloud solution, please click here.)

HipChat Server at a glance

  • Fully searchable chat rooms including chat history
  • Video chats
  • One-on-one and group chats
  • File sharing simply drag & drop
  • Screen sharing
  • Integration with Confluence and JIRA possible
  • Connection to local Active Directory, LDAP and Crowd possible

Typical Users of hipchat

  • Project teams
  • External clients
  • Business units of all sizes
  • Geographically distributed teams
  • Office colleagues
  • and many more

hipchat Pricing*

*yearly recurring