Atlassian Bitbucket Server

Git repository management for professional teams

What is bitbucket

Git is known for its reliability, flexibility and extensive range of application. However, Git is not easy to use. Let Atlassian's Bitbucket Server fill the gap that Git leaves open.

Generate and manage Git repositories, establish system authorisation and work together on your code quickly, reliably and securely on your server.


Bitbucket Server at a glance

  • The 'behind the firewall' Git Repository Management System

  • Fine-tune your system authorisation

  • Align your collaborative coding work to company level – quickly and safely

  • 'Forking' and 'branching' workflows


Typical applications of bitbucket

  • Software development



Cost: Github Enterprise is comparatively very expensive and can quickly cost over $25,000 per year for large teams. Bitbucket Data Center costs less than a quarter for the same number of users (prices for Github Enterprise and prices for Bitbucket Data Center).

Smarter Mirroring: Bitbucket Data Center mirroring is more flexible and powerful than the corresponding Github solution. Teams can choose exactly which projects should be mirrored and which not. This avoids bottlenecks when pushing adjustments. Bitbucket automatically synchronises the permissions for the respective projects.

Integration with Jira: With the ability to link to Jira, Bitbucket provides integrated project management. There is also an integration for Github, but the interaction between Bitbucket and Jira offers much more:

  • Automatic linking of commits,

  • branches directly from Jira processes,

  • Interaction with Jira processes from within Bitbucket (commenting, editing, uploading attachments, changing status),

  • Branches and pull requests with Jira tickets using process keys in commit messages.

  • Bitbucket integrations for Trello and Slack are also available for streamlined project coordination.

Integration with Bamboo: What the native pipeline in Bitbucket Cloud for Bitbucket Server is, is in Bitbucket Data Center the deep integration with Atlassian's integration server. This interaction enables systematic release management and comprehensive visibility of build status information in Bitbucket.

Active/Active Clustering: Git must scale with the teams and the company. Thanks to active/active clustering, Bitbucket Data Center allows you to easily set up new nodes as soon as they are needed without affecting the overall system. Further features are:

  • Support for Git Large File Storage (Git LFS),

  • Disaster recovery,

  • SAML support,

  • powerful monitoring tools,

  • Upgrades without downtimes and more.

Customisable workflows for pull requests: Bitbucket offers a choice of five different merge strategies and also allows you to define individual merge conditions and standard reviewers.

Extensibility: Atlassian Marketplace has many apps for Bitbucket Server and Bitbucket Data Center. These apps can be used to map numerous use-cases and requirements. Customers also have direct access to the Bitbucket source code.

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The licensing model for special system requirements and its reliability.

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Annual User Tier Commercial Academic
1-10 Users $10 $10
11-25 Users $2,900 $1,450
26-50 Users $5,200 $2,600
51-100 Users $9,500 $4,750
101-250 Users $19,000 $9,500
251-500 Users $25,300 $12,650
501-1,000 Users $35,000 $17,500
1,001-2,000 Users $69,800 $34,900
2,001+ Users Beratung Beratung

* Software licenses entitle you to perpetual use (50% of published cost), and include 12 months maintenance (updates/support, 50% of published cost) commencing from the date of purchase. Beyond this initial 12 month period, you may renew your software maintenance for a further 12 months.

Data Center

Annual User Tier Commercial Academic
1-25 Users $10 $10
11-50 Users $3,630 $1,815
51-100 Users $6,600 $3,300
101-250 Users $13,200 $6,600
251-500 Users $17,600 $8,800
501-1,000 Users $26,400 $13,200
1,001-2,000 Users $52,800 $26,400
2,001-3,000 Users $79,200 $39,600
3,001-4,000 Users $105,600 $52,800
4,001-5,000 Users $132,000 $66,000
5,001-6,000 Users $158,400 $79,200
6,001-7,000 Users $184,800 $92,400