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Panelboxes are useful to structure text on a wiki-page and are very easy to use. Confluence Administrators configure a set of panelboxes in the plugin configuration. The user then just picks a pre-defined box without having to deal with half a dozen macro parameters and their values in order to match the cooperate identity, like it is the case with the Confluence {panel} macro.

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The panelbox macro has the following advantages over normal Confluence panels:
  • The layout of the panelboxes are defined in the plugin configuration
  • Only Confluence administrators have access to the panelbox configuration
  • In order to style a panelbox the author doesn't have to use any additional macro parameters
  • More uniformity throughout the site. The user just chooses from a set of pre-defined panelboxes
  • If a style of panelbox needs to be changed, for example when the colour scheme of the cooperate identity changes, those changes are made once in the plugin configuration. All the corresponding panelboxes are changed immediately throughout the whole Confluence instance without having to edit hundreds of pages.
  • The header of a panelbox can not only contain normal text but also wiki-syntax.

nameyesThe name of the panelbox as it is defined in the panelbox plugin configuration.
titlenoThe title that appears in the header of the panelbox. The title can not only be plain text but also wiki-syntax. Leave blank to display a panelbox without a header.
(body of the macro)noContent, like in the original Confluence panel macro, is written in the body of the panelbox macro.


{panelbox:name=blue|title=Please read the documentation}
Wiki syntax in panelbox titles will be rendered by Confluence. Give it a try!





This macro can be used to create a list of all the available panelboxes. This is very useful for normal Confluence users when they have no access to the panelbox plugin configuration.


no parameters




Plugin configuration

The different panelboxes are configured in the Confluence Plugin Manager, which is in the Administration Console:

  1. Click on "Configure Plugin"

  2. Edit individual panelboxes


  • I'm using Internet Explorer 8 and I can't see the rounded corners I have configured for my panelboxes. Is this a bug? 
    No. Neither Internet Explorer 7 nor 8 does support round corners as specified in the W3C CSS3 standard. If you configured panelboxes with round corners and you are using Internet Explorer, please make sure you test your panelboxes with Firefox, Chrome or Safari.