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Navitabs Plugin

This plugin provides a very simple solution which allows users to navigate between pages. It generates horizontal or vertical navigation tabs that look just like the tabs in Confluence.

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The navitabs macro provides the following modes of which only one can be active at a time:

  • Children (Default): generates tabs for all child-pages of current/specified page.
  • Labels: generates tabs based on the specified labels.

usewithoutbodynofalseLabel/Childrenenable, if you use the macro with an empty macro body
verticalnofalse (horizontal)Label/Childrengenerates the tabs vertically if true
widthno120Label/Childrenthe width of the vertical tabs in px
rootnocurrent pageChildrengenerates tabs for all child-pages/descendants of the root-page, leave blank for current page, use @parent for parent page (only in children mode)
includerootnofalseChildrenadds an additional tab for the root-page itself (only in children mode)
firsttabnoLabel/Childrendefines the very first tab to be generated. Useful for a e.g. a home-page
depthno1Childrendepth of child-pages/descendants for which tabs are generated (only in children mode)
sortnofalseChildrenif tabs should be sorted alphabetically (only in children mode)
sortbylabelnofalseLabeltabs are sorted alphabetically by default in label mode, use "true" for sorting alphabetically by label or explicitly set to "false" for natural sorting by label (only in label mode)
reversenofalseChildrenif the sort order should be reversed (only in children mode)
noLabelone or several (comma separated) labels. Generate tabs for pages containing this label. Tabs are sorted alphabetically. Setting this parameter disables the children mode
spacekeynoall spacesLabeluse only pages from this space (only in label mode)
ltruncno0Label/Childrenthe number of characters to be truncated from the left of every tab
ltruncfirsttabnotrueLabel/Childrenif the left truncation should be applied to the "firsttab" as well

Display all child-pages of a page as tabs:

If you want the navitabs on the child-pages as well, place the following wiki syntax on every child-pages:


Display the tabs vertically:


Display the tabs vertically with the page content in the macro body:

{navitabs:vertical=true|root=Home|includeroot=true|firsttab=Home}Write the actual content of the page here...{navitabs}

Generate tabs of pages containing the label cats or dogs from the space animals:


Localtab Group and Localtab

With the Localtab Group and the Localtab macros, content of a Confluence page can be arranged as tabs.

The Localtab Group and the Localtab macros can only be used together.

Vertical Orientation
Localtab Group
nofalse (horizontal)generates the tabs vertically if true
ActiveLocaltabnofalseif set to true, this will be the active tab when the page is loaded

Create a tab about bananas and one about oranges.

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